Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Resolutions for 2014

New Years came in 2013 and I made resolutions.  But, I really didn't think I'd keep them.  I haven't in the past.  So in 2013 I decided to scale back and make 2.  The first was to work out consistently and the second was to run a 5K.  Shock of shocks, at least to me, I ended up doing them both!  For the last 9 months I've been working out 5-6 times a week, and I ran 3 5K's last year.  I even like working out now.  Who knew?

So here we are racing up on 2014. I'm thinking about resolutions again.  Here are the ones that I'm pretty committed to so far:

1.  Tracking my food intake more consistently on  I'm down around 170lbs and I'd like to lose the remaining 40-50lbs this year.   I think the tracking will help.

2.  Consistently meal planning for my family on a weekly basis.  I really suck at this.  I have a major mental block about it.  But I know it would be better for our health & budget if I did so.  I don't mind cooking, but I hate getting to the end of the day and having no idea what to make. Menu planning would solve this.

3.  Doing a monthly budget and a per paycheck spending plan a la Dave Ramsey.  In our nearly 20 years of marriage we've never consistently done this.   I've been very lucky and blessed to have married a man who is very good with money.  I am also pretty good with money, so we've managed to get and stay debt free without a budget.  But, I think that we could do even better managing our money with a plan than without.  So I'd like to commit to the budget process for a year.

I'm toying some other goals but not sure that I want to give them resolution status.  Here's what else I'm thinking about:

1. Run an obstacle race, mud run or Spartan sprint

2. Do a sprint triathlon (little concerned about the swimming as I haven't done any serious distance swimming in years).

3. Get both of my boys off training wheels on their bikes.

4. Bunches and bunches of household renovation projects (the list here seems endless)

5. Lists and lists of books and projects I'd like to read/do with the boys for school (again the list seems endless)

6. Post more consistently on this blog and build a readership

7. Bake more of our bread products at home.

8. Balance at home school work, housework, and outside of the house school work/trips a bit better this year.

What are you thinking about for 2014?