Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekly Goals 5.6.2012

Here I am again.  Not the most consistant blogger am I? 

Recently I've been inspired by's Crystal to set some goals.  She is just awesome at this. She posts them on her blog.  It's inspiring!  I'm going to give it a try.

Here goes:


Walk the 2 mile route around my neighborhood at least 4 mornings this week
Swim laps in my pool (at least 500 yards) at least 4 times this week.


Work with Daniel 3 days this week on Hooked on Phoenics Kindergarten
Work with James 3 days this week on Hooked on Phoenics Master reader
Work with boys on Math U See 3 days this week
Have 1:1 time for 1 hour with each boy this week.
Get a babysitter and have a date with my husbandChange Hubby has to work this weekend.
Begin compling list for next year's homeschool plan


Pray individually at night daily
Pray with each boy at night daily
Pray @ meals as a family
Read scriptures with the boys daily at breakfast
Seek to magnify my calling

Personal Goals:

Read the Wonder of Boys by James Dobson
Send 2 handwritten notes to friends


Make freezer pancakes
Make freezer sandwiches
Reorganize one set of shelves in the storage room

Financial Goals:

Get back on track with monthly excel budget
Set savings goals

Check back next week and let's see what I've done.