Monday, December 3, 2012

Superstition Farms Homeschool Field Trip

Last week the boys and I went to Superstition Farms in Mesa for a field trip with our large LDS homeschool group.  Honestly, we almost didn't go.  It was a 50 mile drive one way.  But, I'm so glad that we did.

It was so fun!  Superstition Farms ( ) is a family run dairy farm in east Mesa AZ. 

Upon arrival we all headed into a barn with milk crate seating.  Farmer Jason talked to us about what cows eat & how they take their medicine.  We were all suprised to learn that cows at Superstition Farm eat recycled foods.  They eat the little bits of pasta left over from the pasta factory, cotton seeds, hay & green grass. 

After leaving the barn, we all climbed aboard a trailer lined with hay bales for seating and pulled by a big tractor for a hay ride.  Farmer Jason joined us on our hay ride and told us that each of the cows on the farm produces an average of 9 gallons of milk every day!   We saw around 2500 cows.  We learned that they are showered twice a day & milked twice a day.

The petting zoo of rescue animals was next on the agenda.  It was a HUGE hit with the kids.  The boys fed goats, sheep & a mini donkey.  They got to hold a chicken and look at a very fluffy rabbit.  The farm's black lab was particulary popular as he loved to fetch and the boys love to throw.

Next we were off to the milk bar.  With 14 flavors of milk to chose from I was concerned the decision making process could take all day. But, very quickly, James settled on cherry milk and Daniel opted for blueberry milk.  They both LOVED their choices.  Next up was ice cream, made fresh from the cream collected on the farm.  Again, a big hit.

Totally worth the drive, worth the tour price and we'd do it again in a minute!

I wish I'd have taken pictures!